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Killroy and Tina free to the masses!

August 30, 06 - 8:17

I could have put this in the quick link list, but I was so excited about it, it needed to be a real post.

Killroy and Tina is now available for free.

I was holding off on picking it up as a comic I read because I wanted to check it out from the beginning, but the archives were pay only. Now that they are free I am blitzing right through them, because this comic is damned good. So, let that be a lesson to people for whom I am your target demographic; I am more likely to become a fan of yours if I can read your comic without paying. What good is that? Well, when I am a diehard fan, I also become a sucker for the merchandise. I'll buy books of strips that are available for free online when I won't even pay a much smaller sum to read a strip online. I'm not saying my spending habits are good ones, I'm just letting you all know what they are so you can plan accordingly.

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Behind the times

August 30, 06 - 8:04

So, I have a confession to make. There are a ton of webcomics on my list (linked also at left), which I haven't started reading yet.

So the deal with this post is going to be a list of the comics I am planning to read and how many pages are in each of their archives that I haven't read, and using that information, people who are reading this site should tell me which ones to read first. See, now that classes have started again, I need to prioritize, since I can't spend whole days reading webcomics. Except maybe on the weekends.

The list is below the fold.

Maximize Verbosity

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Webcomic Battle

August 15, 06 - 8:23

Webcomic Battle is a site which matches of individual strips of different comics in a head-to-head competition. People visit the site and vote for the funnier of each pair, and the victor continues on to be matched off again the next day.

Terror Island is in the midst of its first battle, and it seems to be doing well.

I think the site is interesting, though it might be _more_ interesting if they implemented Xkcd's voting algorithm.

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A Note about Checkerboard Nightmare

August 15, 06 - 4:41

I've been thinking a lot recently about Kris Straub's Checkerboard Nightmare (classic). It is one of my favorite comics, and yet, I hesitate to recommend it to people.

People who I give webcomic recommendations to are generally people who don't read a lot of webcomics. As a result, I think they wouldn't be able to appreciate Chex as much as they should. I know the first time I started reading it, a few years ago, I didn't find it nearly as entertaining as I did when I tried it again more recently, and primarily because I was more familiar with webcomics at that point. Not that much of the humor doesn't stand on its own, because it does. It is just that people won't be drawn in the same way if they have to puzzle out "oh, I see, if Chex is doing that it must be something a lot of webcomic people do."

I read through the entire archives over the past few weeks, and I really think it is one of the best webcomics I've read, but I also wouldn't tell someone they should read it unless they already read at least a few other webcomics, which is a shame, because I'd like to be recommending it to more people.

On the other hand, Starslip Crisis, Straub's current project (or one of them, at any rate), doesn't have that drawback, and so, I can freely recommend it to people. At least, people who aren't opposed to science-fiction. However, Starslip will be a matter for another post.

That said, I might write more about Checkerboard Nightmare soon; I definitely have a lot of things stirring around in my head about it, but I am going to hold off until I can tell whether any of it is worth saying.

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Like our new banner? I do.

August 11, 06 - 03:55

Let me tell you about Leland, who is an awesome fellow. Leland went to college with myself and Ben, and he is the guy who made the banner image for this site, and then made it two more times so the sizing was right. I am happy with how it turned out, so, I say "Thank you, Leland."

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Terror Island?

August 11, 06 - 12:55

The comic Ben and I do has moved. You can read that zany comic at TerrorIsland dot net.

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Warren Ellis's Rocket Pirates

August 03, 06 - 12:25

Warren Ellis is recruiting webcomics for his team of rocket pirates.

More accurately, he is starting a new webcomics collective, with open submissions. Here is what he has to say (reproduced from the Rocket Pirate site):

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"The History of Webcomics" reviewed
August 21 - 10:20

Gary Tyrrell* of Fleen has a review (of sorts) up for T. Campbell's "The History of Webcomics"

*(Corrected misspelling)

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August 11 - 12:18

Terror Island presents, Ham!, generously hosted by Starslip Crisis.

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